Name change Elcee Sanitair B.V. to Intra Benelux B.V.


As per 01-01-2019 Elcee Sanitair B.V. will change its name to Intra Benelux B.V.


Reason for name change

As you know Elcee Sanitair BV has been a part of the Intra Group since 01-10-2016. After the first market introduction, the integration of the portfolio and the operational organizations this is the logical next step for us. This way we want to further strengthen and build the Intra Group in the national and international market.


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Intra/Elcee and BIMobject®


A number of Intra's products are now available as digital models, which can be downloaded to any BIM software and used by architects and consultants throughout the entire construction process.


BIMobject® is a Swedish technology company with a global presence operating at the forefront of digitalising the building industry. More intelligent design and construction lead to better product selections, reduced waste, and more efficient logistics during the building process. At the same time, property management benefits from higher quality, improved use of energy, and lower operating costs.


A BIM object is an object in a database containing information about 2D and 3D geometry as well as description, features, surface layers or other product data. Links to maintenance documents, installation manuals, etc. is also available in the item information section.


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The Intra Group acquires Elcee Sanitary Business Unit



The Intra Group has acquired 100% of the shares of the Elcee Holland Sanitary Business Unit, as per October 1st, 2016. During the last couple of years both companies have had an international strategic partnership which now has materialized in the acquisition. This acquisition is done to support the export strategy of the Intra Group.

Elcee is a supplier of stainless steel sanitary and affiliated products for both the national market in Holland and export markets.

Know-how, professionalism and a large range of products from world leading producers is key for the success of the company which was founded in Rotterdam, Holland in 1923.

Functionality and durability are two concepts that are highly valued in practice. This way it shall always be assured that the products meet the highest quality requirements.

The Intra Group is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of kitchen sinks, mini-kitchens and sanitary products in stainless steel. The vision of the Intra Group is to be the most Innovative supplier of quality products in stainless steel for the Scandinavian kitchen and public sanitary room.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact Jorg Kleijssen (, Jan Bertelsen ( or Nick van Brussel (


New website


One of our main goals is to provide excellent service to our clients. This requires continuous development on all areas. We are proud to present you our new website, which is an essentialpart of  this process.


On our new website you will find a clear overview of the various product groups, news items, references and other topics. Everything you need (product sheets, drawings, manuals etc) is just a few clicks away.


Another big improvement is that our website is now compliant with all desktop and mobile devices. Are you on location and need an installation manual? Just surf to our website on your mobile phone and it will be available.


Our website is in continuous development. Do you have questions or suggestions for improvements? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Pressed washtroughs with pre-fitted taps and plumbing


Our new wash troughs are fully pressed, which makes them unique in the market. Because there are no welds or joints, the wash troughs are extremely hygienic and easy to clean.


The second benefit is that our wash troughs are available with various pre-fitted taps and corresponding plumbing. This saves installation time and reduces the risk on mistakes and leakage.


Hygienic, functional wash troughs with a smooth design. Available from stock now!


VSK 2016


The VSK 2016 exhibition has been a great success. Our focus was the introduction of the strategic cooperation with Intra, the presentation of our new product portfolio and our renewed strategy.


Besides our stainless steel sanitary program, we’ve also showed a prototype of our double icon washbasin. A unique combination of solid surface and stainless steel design washbasins. The positive reactions where overwhelming and made us decide to add this product to our portfolio. The expectation is that it will be available after the summer holidays.


Thanks to everyone for their input and cooperation.