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Mineral Range 

The Mineral range is a line of functional and high quality washbasins.
The one-piece moulded sinks in our Mineral range are made of 80% crushed marble and 20% synthetic material. This combination makes the sinks extra strong and durable. The surface has a satin finish and a hygienic coating, making it easy to clean. Because the washbasins are cast in one piece, they are easy to clean.
The Mineral range line offers a beautiful addition to our sinks. The sinks have integrated brackets that are cast in the same material, but can also be mounted with white coated brackets. The sinks can also be supplied with front and side panels.


The washbasins are supplied in white as standard, other colours are available on request.


Intra Benelux BV can also deliver custom made washbasins, think of washbasins in different sizes.

Mineral Fjord
Mineral Aurora
Mineral Flow
Mineral Polar Slim
Mineral Snow
Mineral Glace