Intra strives to be a unique supplier of stainless steel sanitary products in the international market by offering exceptional service and a complete and high quality product portfolio for the public sanitary room, healthcare, industrial and prison market.

Many years of experience in the national and international market has contributed to an excellent knowledge of our target groups and their needs. A first-rate customer service is one of our top priorities and we try to achieve this in various ways.

Scandinavian Design 

Everyday design. Not plain, but designed for everyday use. Scandinavian design is known for combining pure elegance with strict requirements for quality and function. Unique and simple lines, high quality materials and the small, crucial details you learn to appreciate after many years of use. Intra has received several international design awards.


History Elcee Sanitary - Intra 

In June 2015, Elcee Stainless Steel Sanitary has started a strategic collaboration with Intra, which eventually led to a takeover by the Intra group per 01-10-2016. As per 01-01-2019 Elcee is officially renamed to Intra Benelux. You can find the full information about our history under the tab history.